The all NEW Automated Check-in Station (ACIS) will allow Jurors to check-in and out quickly and efficiently. Jurors can scan their Driver License or their Summon barcode to check-in, for Jury pool or active case attendance and reprint their Juror Summon if needed. ACIS is sure to enhance the Juror experience and provide more flexibility for the Courts on check-in day. The ACIS is designed with the newest technology available and integrates seamlessly with Jury2023Plus.

The ACIS will also provide the following additional features:

  • Fully integrated with Jury2023Plus

  • Special instructions for Jurors who do not belong with a specific Jury Pool

  • Small space saver wall mounted device

  • Easy for Jurors to use and understand

  • Inexpensive, allowing multiple stations if needed

Automated Check-In Station Demo

Automated Juror Check-In Demo