Document Imaging for Jury
Judicial Systems, Inc. provides courts with a seamless data and image capturing solution. Through the use of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and barcode reading, juror qualification questionnaires and summons profiles can be digitally scanned to make processing more efficient. The digital images can be stored, displayed and printed keeping actual paper work to a minimum. In addition to taking a digital picture of the front and back of these forms, the data is read from the forms and updated within the system. The quality and integrity of the captured data is dramatically improved by reducing errors inherent with manual data entry procedures.

Judicial Systems, Inc. is the premier provider of jury management software systems and court technology services to courts and municipalities nationwide since 1982. Placing particular emphasis on developing and integrating information systems with automated capture to increase efficiency has been the driving force to success.

Press Release
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One of the critical operational problems faced by most courts today is how to provide adequate storage for an ever increasing volume of court documents. There are several issues that make up this problem. First, the courts are mandated by law to store records for long periods of time. This can require a significant amount of physical storage space. Digital scanning of qualification questionnaire and summons profiles provides immediate access to a prospective juror’s documents within seconds, without having to sort through thousands of stored paper documents. Images can be collected and copied onto CDs. CDs are easy to use, have a long useful life, are virtually impervious to environmental damage such as heat or dampness and take up very little storage space.