iJuror Jury Management System Web Based


Judicial Systems, Inc. introduces 24 hour a day web access. Jurors can visit your Web site to find answers to commonly asked questions, accept service, view instructions for the next day’s service, obtain work certification documentation and request exemptions or deferrals according to your court specific policies. An electronic image of each request is stored for easy and immediate retrieval. Based on the user’s request, the system will generate an electronic confirmation of each request, saving your staff time and reducing postage costs. This easy-to-use system requires nothing more than access to the World Wide Web.

Since Orange County has used Judicial Systems, we have gone from 20% of summoned jurors reporting for jury service to 95% of summoned jurors reporting. When Jurors come to jury service they are glad to be here and ready to serve. When asking jurors how they like the automated system, there is an overwhelmingly positive response. What we hear most from our jurors is they love being able to qualify online, the freedom to choose their date of service to fit their schedule and being able to check in the same manner throughout the weekend to find out if they need to report on Monday morning. We have gone from having to mail out 1000 summons to get 175-200 jurors to report to now mailing only the required number of 200-225 summonses for each Jury week. This alone is a huge cost saving on first-day juror pay, forms, printing, postage, staff time, etc.

Vickie Edgerly
District Clerk
Orange County, TX

In an era where shrinking public resources often translates into reduced service to the public, Judicial Systems, Inc. is able to increase access to the court. The use of IVR and IWR systems will reduce the amount of staff time required to process a vast majority of the summons that are issued. This will cause the jury operations of the court to function more efficiently by reducing the amount of paperwork that must be handled each day. With iJuror, you can provide the superior service your constituents expect, both in person and online.  Based on the user’s request, the system will generate an electronic confirmation of each request, saving your staff time and reducing postage costs.

  • Fully integrated with Jury2023Plus

  • Provides individual reporting instructions for each juror including an interactive map from the juror’s residence to the courthouse including turn by turn directions

  • Provides juror with detailed county policy regarding: Length of Service, Rate of Pay, Dress code, Parking and Security requirements

  • Jurors can complete Qualification Questionnaires and Personal Profile Questionnaires on-line

  • Jurors may defer themselves to a future date, as specified by the court’s own rules

  • Updates individual juror history with all iJuror activity

  • Eliminates the need for jury staff recording reporting instructions on voice mail or an automated attendant system

  • “Multi-Language support

  • Frees court staff for more productive work

  • Improved service & citizen/juror satisfaction

  • Ability to pre-qualify via the internet

  • Allows jurors to obtain their juror status. i.e. Excuse granted/denied

  • Provides Juror with Payment information. i.e. Amount & Date Paid

  • Automate Repetitive Information Requests

  • Provide Enhanced Information Services

  • Prevents court personnel from being interrupted with repetitious inquiries

  • Jurors can verify appearance status, reschedule service dates, obtain courthouse directions, and determine court assignments via the internet

  • Allows immediate access for jurors to jury service information, 24 hours a day