Jury2019Plus Jury Management System

Jury2023Plus Jury Management System is the most advanced, integrated jury management system available. Because no two courts are alike, Jury2023Plus , the most comprehensive Jury Management System on the market today, is designed to match each court’s unique requirements. By working closely with each and every jurisdiction since 1982, we have a unique and thorough understanding of the many different court processes. Jury2023Plus makes extensive use of user-defined tables, which allow courts to customize the application to their own environments and business practices.

Referencing my many conversations with the NCSC, there are three prominent companies in jury management. I have reviewed and researched all three, as well as receiving quotes. I find the best in price, technology, capability and service is clearly Judicial Systems, Inc. out of Tyler, Texas.

Jeff Leffers
Fmr. Director of Court Operations
Allen Superior Court
Allen County, Indiana

Jury2023Plus Product Highlights:

Integrated Interfaces: Jury2023Plus provides the tightest possible level of integration between the core jury management system and our interactive voice response system JIMS, Web-based interactive response system iJuror, mobile texting system mJuror, and our document imaging system.

Digital Form Imaging

Digital Form Imaging – Juror qualification questionnaires and summons profiles can be digitally scanned to make processing more efficient. The digital images can be stored, displayed and printed, keeping actual paper work to a minimum. The quality and integrity of the captured data is dramatically improved by reducing errors inherent with manual data entry.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response: (JIMS) – Handling juror telephone inquiries can be time-consuming and labor intensive. With the Juror Information Management System (JIMS), a significant reduction in the amount of time your staff spends responding to routine juror telephone calls can be realized. JIMS allows prospective jurors to obtain their qualification status and retrieve reporting information over the telephone 24-hours-per-day, 7 days-a-week.

Target Audience

Interactive Web Response: iJuror – Jurors can visit your Web site to find answers to commonly asked questions, accept service, view instructions for the next day’s service, obtain work certification documentation and request exemptions or deferrals according to your court specific policies. An electronic image of each request is stored for easy and immediate retrieval. Based on the user’s request, the system will generate an electronic confirmation of each request, saving your staff time and reducing postage costs.t.


Mobile Text Messaging: mJuror – Text message reminders are sent to jurors before their reporting date, summoned jurors can be sent a text informing them of their request for deferment or excuse, jurors can text inquiries to our intelligent text interpretation engine and jurors can request a GPS navigation map to the courthouse. A complete history of all communications is documented and becomes part of their permanent history within Jury2023Plus.

Network/Server Failure Rescue Feature – Allows for the continuous and timely processing of jurors and jury system tasks for the length of a network or jury server outage, regardless of duration, hours or even days.

Save Time – This fully automated Jury2023Plus software can process jurors more efficiently allowing your courts to complete the jury selection process faster.

Save Money – Processing jurors more efficiently through the jury process saves you money.

Simple to Operate – Using Windows-based software, processing jurors through qualification, summoning, check-in, courtroom assignments and payment functions can be accomplished with minimal effort.

Superior Technical Support – Our trained technical support specialists are available to assist your staff with any questions that might occur.

Affordability – Judicial Systems, Inc.’s size-based pricing makes Jury2023Plus affordable for all jurisdictions.

Context Sensitive Help – On-line help is available with each data screen and field within the system, allowing quick retrieval of an explanation of system functionality.

Ad Hoc Reporting – In addition to the many standard reports that are provided with Jury2023Plus , a variety of ad hoc reports can be created from querying data element combinations and are displayed in tabular or chart formats.

Data Accuracy and Integrity – Field edits, which are customizable for each court, ensure data is entered and updated correctly within the system.

Court CustomizationJury2023Plus makes extensive use of user-definable parameters allowing courts to customize Jury2023Plus to their own unique operating requirements.

Security Profiles – Individual user security passwords restrict user access at key levels within the system.

Integrated Word Processing – Users can easily create an unlimited number of templates, letters, and forms. These can be used for sending for mail merging, sending customized correspondence and court orders to potential jurors.

Web ServicesJury2023Plus makes extensive use of Web services to take advantage of API’s provided by other useful web tools like Google and Microsoft-based systems. This increases efficiency and automation. For example, Google Web Service is used for retrieving mileage changes based on an address change and verifies if the new address is in or out of county jurisdiction. Also, this allows mass email/text/phone solutions for juror notifications!

Time/Money Saving AutomationJury2023Plus simplifies the jury selection and court management process. Many functions are reduced to a click of a mouse, while others can be handled quickly or even automated through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.