JIMS Jury Phone System
Handling juror telephone inquiries can be time-consuming and labor intensive. With the Juror Information Management System (JIMS), a significant reduction in the amount of time your staff spends responding to routine juror telephone calls can be realized. JIMS allows prospective jurors to obtain their qualification status and retrieve reporting information over the telephone 24-hours-per-day, 7 days-a-week. Jurors may respond to qualification questionnaires, reschedule their service date as well as being informed of up to the minute reporting instructions. With user defined parameters, within our Interactive Voice Response system, you take control of just how much latitude each prospective juror is allowed when requesting an excuse or reschedule of their service date. Using prerecorded voice files, the JIMS system can speak information to your potential jurors and prompt them to provide data needed to complete many of the routine telephone inquiries. Multiple Language Support is also available.
Montgomery County PA Jury Commission Seal

In my judgment, JIMS is a wise investment for any Jury Commission. It certainly makes our job easier. I highly recommend it to you.

Marie Cavanaugh
Fmr. Jury Commissioner
Montgomery County, PA.

  • Eliminates the need for jury staff recording reporting instructions on voice mail or an automated attendant system
  • Utilizes industry standard hardware and is scalable to handle your court’s call volume requirements
  • Fully integrated with Jury2023Plus
  • Automatically handle every call Professionally & Consistently
  • Answer calls on the first ring
  • Speak to callers in a clear human tone of voice
  • Provides accurate, reliable and up to date information
  • Efficient, accurate and detailed information dissemination
  • Multi-Language support
  • Frees court staff for more productive work
  • Improved service & citizen/juror satisfaction
  • Ability to pre-qualify via telephone
  • Provide detailed reporting instructions on individual juror basis
  • Allows jurors to obtain their juror status. i.e. Excuse granted
  • Provides Juror with Payment information. i.e. Amount & Date Paid
  • Provides juror with detailed county policy regarding: Length of Service, Rate of Pay, Dress code, Parking and Security requirements
  • JIMS gives complete reports and a history of all calls
  • Updates individual juror history with all telephone activity
  • Full logging of callers’ details and the selections made during the call
  • Number of incoming lines easily expandable as call volume demands increase
  • Increase Call Handling Capacity
  • Automate Repetitive Information Requests
  • Provide Enhanced Information Services
  • Eliminates the need to make daily voice recordings for juror reporting assignments
  • Allows immediate access for jurors to jury service information, 24 hours a day
  • Provides individual reporting instructions for jurors
  • Prevents court personnel from being interrupted with repetitious inquiries
  • Using the JIMS module, courts can schedule jurors to appear in court, call in at a specified time of day for reporting instructions, or dismiss from court. This information is made available to the IVR module, where jurors can retrieve their individual reporting information
  • Qualified jurors may defer themselves to a future date, as specified by the court’s own rules
  • Jurors can verify appearance status, reschedule service dates, obtain courthouse directions, and determine court assignments via telephone
  • Traffic performance monitoring – call information is collected and reports generated to gauge performance and usage of each telephone port