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Jury Management Products


For 35 years, Judicial Systems has been renowned for the simplicity, reliability, and ease of use of it’s Jury Management Solutions. So when it came to designing the enhancements for the next version of our Jury Administration System and it’s associated modules, we had a single goal: to make a great thing even better. Version Jury2019Plus continues this innovation by incorporating the latest and most advanced Microsoft technologies offering immediate enrichment, while also smartly setting it up for the future.

Jury Management System


The Jury2019Plus Jury Management System is the most advanced, integrated jury management system available. Because no two courts are alike, Jury2019Plus, the most comprehensive Jury Management System on the market today, is designed to match each court’s unique requirements.


With the Juror Information Management System (JIMS), a significant reduction in the amount of time your staff spends responding to routine juror telephone calls can be realized. JIMS allows prospective jurors to obtain their qualification status and retrieve reporting information over the telephone 24-hours-per-day, 7 days-a-week.
JIMS Jury Information System
iJuror jury web based response system


Judicial Systems, Inc. introduces 24 hour a day web access. Jurors can visit your Web site to find answers to commonly asked questions, accept service, view instructions for the next day’s service, obtain work certification documentation and request exemptions or deferrals according to your court specific policies.


Judicial Systems, Inc. has developed and imbedded natural language processing (NLP) algorithms into one of our jury management products, mJuror. mJuror receives text or email input from a potential juror , in “everyday language”, and evaluates the meaning of the request. mJuror then provides an accurate response to the potential jurors inquiry. This enables jurors to hold two-way meaningful conversations with mjuror in a humanlike, intelligent manner.
mJuror Juror Texting System
Jury Document Imaging System

Document Imaging

Judicial Systems, Inc. provides courts with a seamless data and image capturing solution. Through the use of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and barcode reading, juror qualification questionnaires and summons profiles can be digitally scanned to make processing more efficient.

Kiosk (Coming Soon)

Judicial Systems, Inc. Kiosk is designed for jurors to perform self-service functions without the need of engaging court staff.
jury kiosk
jury voir dire manager

Voir Dire Manager

Voir Dire Manager allows real time processing of Jurors in the courtroom. Judges, attorneys and court personnel are able to view real time updates via a courtroom appointed electronic device. No more legal pads nor handwriting Juror names or drawing seating charts by hand.

aJuror (Coming Soon)

The all NEW aJuror module will allow Jurors to check-in and out quickly and efficiently. Jurors can scan their Driver License or their Summon barcode to check-in, for Jury pool or active case attendance and to reprint their Juror Summon if needed.
aJuror Automated Juror Check in
I just wanted people to know about my experience with Judicial Systems of Tyler, TX and what they have done for my county (Midland).  I came into office 5 years ago and was given the software that had been used for years for the jury summons.  I was new to the District Clerk’s office so I just figured that we have had to deal with the current jury system and that was that.  I talked to clerks at conferences and they were having the same problems of no shows, bad addresses, exemptions and deaths.  My old software company would pull the jury wheel and send it to the State to be reconstituted and then plug it back in.  I had to rely on the State and the software company to make sure everything was taken care of, it was not and never was for 5 years.  When I came into office, I kept getting a jury summons for my parents.  Mom died 01-01-2009, Dad died 01-10-2010.  I called the State and my CMS and told them that “I have the death certificates, that I dressed them and saw them lowered into the ground…I know they are deceased.”  It never changed in 5 years.  When I was set up with Judicial Systems, the first thing I did was to take off mom and dad.  The new jury system took the death notices and took them out right away.  This is not just my problem.  I don’t know how many calls I received from people that were extremely upset because they received a notice for a loved one that had passed away.  If anything, these people don’t need to have that wound reopened because someone can’t click on a tab.

The next big issue I had was attendance and expenses.  I would send out 1,000 summons every week and only have a 17% return every week.  It took about 1 month for my numbers to start increasing.  As of today, I am between 68% and 71%, my cost has been cut by 2/3rds and the response from the public is awesome, very positive and wanting to know why we did not do this sooner.  When I go to my conferences, I tend to speak my mind and I have other clerks from all over Texas ask about this product.  I have no problem bragging on Judicial Systems and how they have made my county (Midland) a better county for jury service.

I would also like to tell you about the service part of this company.  Installation was easy once we got our IT people on board that this software is new and does not require the constant monitoring as did our previous jury software.  Before they came to install the jury package, Heath came out and spent time with my jury ladies, the IT department, clerks from the Justice of the Peace, and Judges that did attend.  They set up a training jury pool so that we could play with the product and learn all the applications that they had to offer.  When we went live they held our hands for many weeks to get us comfortable and answer all, and I do me all, of our questions.  We can and still call and we do quite often and as always they treat us like we are the only county using them.  Gary and his staff stand behind their product and it truly is a product worth every penny you spend.  If you ever need or want to talk to someone who has gone from zero to hero in terms of a jury package, feel free to call me anytime. Ross Bush

District Clerk, Midland County Texas

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